Anne Douris is a director, production designer, animator and Juno-nominated graphic designer from Toronto, Ontario. Her hand-painted animated shorts have been showcased in the Toronto Urban Film Festival (TUFF),the Toronto Youth Shorts Festival, on PBS’ Reel 13, and in MTV’s “Art Breaks”. Her music video work has been featured on Stereogum, NME Magazine, HelloGiggles, Exclaim!, NOW Magazine, Indie 88, and Much Music.

Anne has previously headed Royal Mountain Records’ art department, designing album artwork, concert posters, set pieces and merchandise. Her design work on Hollerado's "WHITE PAINT" - an ambitious project that involved hand-painting 10,000 record and CD covers with a group of friends - earned her a Juno nomination for Album Packaging in 2014. Since then, she has been production designing a number of projects at Last Frame Pictures Inc. - music videos including Tokyo Police Club’s ”Not My Girl" and animating/directing their latest video release “Simple Dude” - as well as short films, designing and constructing special effects.

In 2016 she produced and production designed her first feature film, "CLEAN", a horror/comedy about a possessed roomba vacuum cleaner. In 2017 she directed and animated Rural Alberta Advantage’s music video “Brother” - a project that consisted of over 800 hand-painted images.

Anne continues to work alongside recording artists to create compelling online content - employing animation and practical effects , contributing to their social strategies and defining their visual brands.

Most recently, she has embarked into the world of children’s programming - directing music videos and designing sets for CBC Kids, Treehouse, and Shaftesbury.